Shugo Chara! is a shoujo magical anime created by Peach-Pit (also known as My Guardian Charas in English Dub). The mangas were released in 2006 through 2013


Hinamori Amu is a "cool & spicy" type of fith grader who have her exterior character that was not famous. As she woke up in the next morning, Amu layed three guardian eggs:pink, sky blue, and green. Amu seen the Guardians, people who protect the school. Amu falls in the hole, landed on Ikuto, a sly cat man, after she had Character Changed to an honest girl. The pink egg hatched as Ran, a cheerleader-like character. "Hop, Step, Jump!" Ran exclaimed. Amu transformed into Amulet Heart ,Amulet Heart has pom pom's and a Heart Rod as weapons.

Next, the sky blue egg was hatched as Miki, an amazing artist-like character, but character changed Amu into a perfect artist she using a paint brush Colorful Canvas and Prism Music as weapon. The green egg hatched into Su, a waitress/maiden-like character she using a wisk Remake Honey as a weapon. The first antagonist was revealed as Yuu Nikaidou, to take the Heart Eggs to turn them into X Eggs. Now it was Utau turn to defeat Amu will Iru, a demon-like character.

Amu screamed when there is a yellow egg layed on her bed. Nadeshiko and Kukai were replaced the new Queen and Jack, Rima and Kairi. The guardian found out that Kairi was working for his sister,helping the Easter Company. Dia, an X egg, and Eru, an angel-like character, were swapped by Utau and Amu. Later, Dia returns to Amu-chan and hidden her own egg and comes out when needed .


Hinamori Amu

Hotori Tadase

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Tsukiyomi Utau

Yuiki Yaya

Souma Kukai

Fujisaki Nadeshiko/Nagihiko

Mashiro Rima

Sanjo Kairi

Yuu Nikaidou

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